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she lives her life on a dating site
until the truth comes out
it feels like living on a pink cloud
untouchable for the endeavours of a love poem
to lead her away in a colorful solemn
to a frail moment of doubt
she dreams of a one stop love life
without looking back in anger
while enjoying a last glass of wine
in the arms of a total stranger
she shows faces of emotional suicide
without knowing the challenges of love and hate
her deep blue eyes are eager to deprive
the beauty from the devotion of the desperate
to drown in the love between man and wife
she is oblivious of her fantasy
that her fake perfect body silhouette
dismantles a preprogrammed artificial integrity
leaving nothing to survive outside
still, she spends her day on a dating site
listening to the lament of her masquerade
until a late summer’s end awakes her to see
that all she will ever be
is the legacy of an obsolete dating website
haunting her life on the internet
and impossible to be reset

Author:  starlight dancer
Category:  Love