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SharingPoetry.com is a NEW online community for lovers of poetry. Here you can read unpublished poetry from both amateurs and professionals alike. Everyone is welcome to join our community for free and share their poems with the world. This is a unique meeting place for poets and fans to read, share, and discuss poetry to their heart's content. Members support one another's poetic efforts with positive feedback and comments. Maybe you have a stack of old poems just laying around that you have always wanted to share with others or you may be interested in writing your own poetry for the first time. No matter the reason, if you love poetry then we are happy that you have found us!

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I let myself sway,
On your steps,
In which your eyes reveal
My life without fatigue;

Sweat & blood mark
Our survival’s story,
In which a smile can
Relieve us,
From such a mournful glory;

No one can give up a bone when,
Her world needs,
To get nourished;

Broken words emulate
A future’s tear,
Which is about
To become,
A shadow’s nurturer;

I will not give in;
I will not let my hand sleep,
In a numbness without a dream;

From the sunlight,
I hear your voice claiming
For another shift,
In which your feet and mine could
Cross each other,
And dance a golden sea’s melody,
We’ll always hope,
To find out;

From the silence,
I dream of your breath whispering
For a miracle,
In which your fate could
Unmask such a hidden love,
Which has been forgotten
For a long while,
And build a path,
You will never go back;

Strength & patience manifest,
The Eternity in one minute,
Whereas Good & Evil find themselves as lovers,

Let Emptiness smooth your sores;
Let the water refresh such a shady throat.

Author:  dante1208
Category:  Life