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SharingPoetry.com is a NEW online community for lovers of poetry. Here you can read unpublished poetry from both amateurs and professionals alike. Everyone is welcome to join our community for free and share their poems with the world. This is a unique meeting place for poets and fans to read, share, and discuss poetry to their heart's content. Members support one another's poetic efforts with positive feedback and comments. Maybe you have a stack of old poems just laying around that you have always wanted to share with others or you may be interested in writing your own poetry for the first time. No matter the reason, if you love poetry then we are happy that you have found us!

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caught in a web
of echoes confined in frequence
a subtile impression of a hidden trap
an excuse for undiscovered existence
a bleeding incent
threatening changes to be made
uncertain moments to depend
on a molten key unable to open the gate
time to unbar a broken solution
to convince a dissent opinion
security realizes its time
to jump on a runaway train
and sip fom a glass of aged wine
to awake a fantasy in a dementing brain
meet a curious outside
don’t hesitate to try again
on the verge of another unexpected experience
looking at a frozen exhibition
of a momentary lapse of time
a warm hearted wish to be here
blind eyes of a lost history
a forever lasting memory
alive in a forsaken hemisphere

Author:  starlight dancer
Category:  Life