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SharingPoetry.com is a NEW online community for lovers of poetry. Here you can read unpublished poetry from both amateurs and professionals alike. Everyone is welcome to join our community for free and share their poems with the world. This is a unique meeting place for poets and fans to read, share, and discuss poetry to their heart's content. Members support one another's poetic efforts with positive feedback and comments. Maybe you have a stack of old poems just laying around that you have always wanted to share with others or you may be interested in writing your own poetry for the first time. No matter the reason, if you love poetry then we are happy that you have found us!

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Title:  Who is she?

when the crowd is gone
the famous actress plays on
afraid to betray her forever masquerade
and take a long way back home
she always learns by heart what to say
while dressed in a silk harness of success
hoping for a moment of casual obscenity
in a glamorous afterparty emotion
even her bruised words are spoken flawless
in some kind of pre-arranged debate
at the end of another sold-out stage play
she looks through a pefumed mist
when she is unexpectedly kissed
by the lips of a shy lover
with a face of a burried memory
telling her she is not like any other
he inspires her not to stay
and take a golden jet plane
to the silence of the Northern light
to write her own story
and become the impassioned woman
she always dreamed to be
a guardian angel conducting a one woman band
to inspire the joy of her heart's desire
with a perfect smile to worship her supremacy

Author:  starlight dancer
Category:  Life