Title:  Raindrops

Author:   RianPitan
Category:   Nature
Keywords:  nature, religious, music, dance

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Soothing, oozing, moving sound
I hear the raindrops on the ground.

It makes no difference me you see,
Their ping, their pounce, they dance so free.
A wondrous thing our god’s made thee
And then brought forth to land from sea.

There are some, who would say nay,
Encourage fear, to keep at bay
Such forces as have come today
And remain around us here at play.

But I cannot foresee
What harm from thee
Could possible be
For you and me.

Maybe a cleansing, of a sort.
The kind, of which, one might retort...ahh!

January 2000

Comments on "Raindrops"
Posted by Steph630 on July 16, 2012
very cool poem :)

Posted by Quill_Ink on April 13, 2012
like a drizzle!!

Posted by Just.A.Girl on February 13, 2012
I really like this one!! The rhymes work really well to compliment the overall purpose and meaning of the poem. Definitely a whimisical style but yet holding such deep meanings!