Title:  C o n f e s s i o n

Author:   mpasca
Category:   Life
Keywords:  writing

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This is the poem I have not wanted to write—
the vegetable drawer inch deep in blackened
herb, the dishwasher rack that needs fixing,
the recommendation letter for a boy I am
not convinced I would recommend.

It is the line I don’t want to wait on—
the neon-arrowed detour I’d rather avoid,
the doctor’s visit I pretend not to need.
But it is also the fuel that spins the tongue
of my V6 down the open road, heading off

with wanderlust, set to fill all the cracks in
with beauty – hoping it will dry like mortar.
But there is no getting around the wounds
and triggers, switches lined like buttons
down my circuit breaker, limitations

so long surpassed in order to prove my health.
Yet here it is – the time I say: a poem will not suffice,
no wit or line break smart enough to split the shell
of my sadness and let it rush forward for the world
to see. If I thought my poems could curl fetally

into your lap, I would let them, but rebirth
is too big for my pen. I must instead clean the vegetable
drawer, fix the dishwasher, write the letter
of recommendation I know everyone needs.

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