Title:  West

Author:   markov44
Category:   Hope
Keywords:  A new place, a new life

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Traveling West, not alone,
leaving this place of many years.
Adding a new chapter to life's book
while remembering many tears.

Mountains yet to climb,
rivers left to ford,
no obstacles too daunting
to see us delayed or detoured.

You show me the way,
a road uncluttered and clear.
Taking this journey,
erasing doubt, suppressing fear.

Eager to see sunsets
of turquoise and pink,
we join hands and
anneal love's enduring link.

Let me sit and be asked
if I prefer red or green,
not wondering for a second
what on earth do they mean.

Where chile is spelled with
e at the end, not i,
and there's a town devoted
to the baking of pie.

Voices with accents, often
trashed by small-minded others,
are nuggets of truth from
my sisters, my brothers.

When I wake to skies
forever blankets of blue,
we are together as one,
while remaining as two.

We treasure quiet moments,
at times needing solitary space.
This shall be our West -
A magical place.

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