Title:  Poetry Is Your Soul Healing Your Heart

Author:   jessicamoore
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Poetry, beauty, prayer

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Poetry Is Your Soul Healing Your Heart

For one vast momentary night,
I felt the stars moving somehow right.
In an instant all was new,
I felt no longer blue.
The gods or was it God had heard my plight.

And as my spirit soared,
The ocean of thoughts just poured.
Mercury was driving
The moon was slowly diving,
My mind and eternity struck a chord.

I saw the oneness of the Mind
In all the beauty, I could find.
The scent of Venus on my skin
My thoughts were turned within
As I heard the voice of God say, “Be ye kind.”

So, I bowed my head in prayer
Knowing surely God was there.
And not on a distant star,
Or somewhere way off far;
The moment was just so rare.

And so with Thanksgiving
I knew Life was in the living
And for one vast momentary night
All was feeling right
I took Salvation at it’s giving.

Jessica May Moore

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