Title:  (Anti) Social Media

Author:   markov44
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Twitter, Facebook, et al.

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I could fill an encyclopedia
with thoughts of social media.
If it is Twitter I boo and hiss
what on Earth might I miss
except volumes of idle chatter
none of which really matter.

And then there's Facebook,
at which I admit, I sometimes look
to see who might offer a worthy post
though boring, inane, silly are most.
Surely a better way to spend my time,
perhaps compose a more plausible rhyme.

Social media, you've wounded social graces,
once written on real paper - now only traces.
Today's language is an undecipherable code
I choose not to learn, but to walk another road.
Conversation is a lost art, speech is arcane,
why not rebel and use our God-given brain?

Googlers and their kind do little but search,
without an engine to use, you're left in a lurch.
Self-ordained experts may fashion a blog,
their haughty blather adds to the cultural smog.
Is this all a mere 21st Century craze?
Alas, I fear 'tis more than a passing phase.

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