Title:  Rag Doll

Author:   jessicamoore
Category:   Children
Keywords:  doll

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I made a rag doll for my baby.
It had yarn for hair and a cold hard stare.
That didn’t mean maybe.
It meant life isn’t fair.

I stuffed it with cotton
Stitched on lips of red
Made a pinafore
Always smiling but nothing said.

Her eyes lit up when she saw it
Because it was something she could love.
Be a guardian angel over it.
Like the angels above.

I made a rag doll for my baby.
It never hugged back.
Never gave a hoot lately.
But my baby didn’t sense lack.

She just put it up to her shoulder
And patted its’ little back
She was a mother.
Gave it a squeeze and smiled back.

Comments on "Rag Doll"
Posted by jmang33 on December 26, 2012
touching, hope is sometimes all we have.