Title:  M. Walker

Author:   MPoe
Category:   Love
Keywords:  love, romance, heartbroken, in love, boyfriend, adore,

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Possibly it’s my mental instability that has drawn me to this monstrosity of a man
Possibly it’s my inner demon that has torn me from my plan
My plan to thrive and live alone
My plan to sit high and mighty on my throne
The throne I've built all on my own
From pain and hurt and despair
But my heart has pulled me off this path
My heart wanted nothing more than to feel his wrath
This man my heart has chosen to love
My heart has fooled me
That he’s this gift from above
His lips as soft as child’s skin
The words he speaks are the most graceful sin
The force he uses just pulls me in
I have no will when I’m in his arms
He’s a dangerous man, with such charm
He’s a monster, but he is mine
He’s stolen my eyes, and left me blind
I see nothing more, but this beautiful man
This monster, this monster…
Who has ruined my plan

Comments on "M. Walker"
Posted by C.S. on January 02, 2013
Bravo, I encourage you to keep writting. For 16 that was a well written poem. I'm a new writter but am asking if you would take a look at some of mine. C.S. Thanks for the good read

Posted by MPoe on December 28, 2012
what do you mean?

Posted by jmang33 on December 28, 2012
Heard that