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Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  lifetimes, incarnation, tapestry

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She came and told me of a love for
one whose passing caused a wound
so deep no blood had passed
and this fair knight was you.
I shut my eyes, the truth unfolds
six lifetimes had for us retold
a story caused by battle worn
into the seventh we were born

Unheralded, apart, for reasons deemed
by those who know, it must have seemed
the right, the cure, atonement, just
I forfeit you, a heart well rent
until the seventh life be spent
Two halves, a whole, a vow held deep
a mothers words awaken sleep
penance complete, recompense for sin
an eighth to know, a truth begin
why show me what I've loved and lost
how can I live when lives are tossed
with variant and gone

A pain so sharp with thoughts released
from memories that are carried deep
within my secret inner place
a thought, a word cannot erase
the sacred journey we have made
and must be whole again

What goes around will come again
these laws are true and never spent
and like and like are always twain
remembering sometimes brings us pain
but in that pain we feel the light of times
we've had that felt just right

Together dealt we are incarnate
of life entwined to yet create
a life of service required from you
to balance karmic laws anew
and through this life and through all time
your vow is held in silent prayer

A thought, a deed haunts until
our debts are paid , we tread the mill
the weight will lift and we reborn
will fly into a brand new morn

For love remains inside us still
to course our veins we take our fill
and when this age becomes our past
into the mirror looked at last
image cleansed , since reprieved
a tapestry new for us to weave.

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