Title:  Breaking Free

Author:   C.S.
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Believe, Faith

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The constant of my sinful nature which keeps me down

Are also the chains in which I am bound

I endure what I've become to foresee who I am

What the future has in store is but the future of a man

Is it just me or have I lost my connection

Or is this the time for a deeper reflection

My dispatched heart which grew in despair

Has equally grew and has map for repair

In order to be strong one must first be weak

And only then will you reach the peak

The climb is the mountain and size of your choice

But one must first speak in order to hear voice

So I encourage those who weep and much sorrow

To first believe and have much faith in tomorrow

Comments on "Breaking Free"
Posted by Just.A.Girl on January 10, 2013
Your word choices are beautiful! I had to stop and process each line for all it was worth! Great piece!!