Title:  that bad

Author:   jmang33
Category:   Love
Keywords:  blahhh

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If it would cease to be
a glimpse of thoughts out loud
subtle contact bodies
nervous gulps of white whine
nervous bottles of white wine
a moon's cycle stories
a tipsy turvy ride to an undisclosed closed place
arms locked in the downpour
to a place we've been
a less nervy bottle of wine
meals I've sworn we've had
sharing as we do
bickering as we can
embarrassing as I am to you
to the last ones in the place
sliding lincoln under a glass...

Arriving home...
to immediate embrace: confusion
hating how stupid my persuasion is
leaving a piercing groin
yet warmth amongst our bodies
forgetting the world if only for hours
rejecting sleep for touch
losing it in you....

Awaking in the afternoon
dreaded so melancholic
yet, a steady happy
to share a simple meal
help you prepare for anew
a kiss
a walk
a cry
It wouldn't be that bad

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