Title:  Dark Child

Author:   jmang33
Category:   Dreams
Keywords:  Artist

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Up and down you go
yell your thoughts
chill your low
Dark child comes and sometimes goes

In the night you prowl below
rolling rolling green and brown
chemicals turned upside down
paint and pen your only friend
strike a whimsy in your head
strokes go on and on
high through the night
spliffs delight, imbalance, fright

a midnight snack at 3am
reading, painting, taking
pills, thrills, surrish fills
the creative rush runs sullen...
through the inner depths of one
you sit waiting for your prize
like... a spider
a dark spider child:
peaceful, still, cunning
deadly, always running
thoughtful, outburst
vengeance...it's worst

But when you wake...
when the mind stops to run
and down is so very down
you lose a spark
always cross
tears lost
death yearned
life's work tossed

Still up and down you go
for a in a few days you'll be
high again
coming high, going low

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