Title:  My Beautiful Little Rock

Author:   Kingpinjones
Category:   Love
Keywords:  Love; Rock; Gemstone

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My beautiful little rock, like granite to the earth, you make my world. Delicate little mineral i wish you could see, that you are my Granite, my Amytheist, my Lapis Lazuli. If you ever need polished, setting, or just tender love, my precious little gemstone, i'll be here for you, i'll never be gone. But if i know better -and count that i do- you'll never need me the way i need you. A gem like you fit's many a finger, on a band of gold i could see or perhaps of pure silver. On a hand that's not mine it's nothing short of heartbreaking, if you won't let me wear you, i do understand. Your depressed friend i'll forever be even at times when we don't speak, if i can't be your lover, with tears in my eyes i'll still be your jeweller, setting and polish, a resize or two, i can't say it enough, i'm always here for you.

Comments on "My Beautiful Little Rock"
Posted by Kingpinjones on December 20, 2013
You got it right the second time around ^_^, i love her - My Beautiful Little Rock - but i will always be the jeweller and never the proud bearer.

Posted by tulip on January 20, 2013
Seeking love and not finding it. Or you found love and it is not accepting you? I'm not exactly sure what point you were trying to express. Yet, I enjoyed it!