Title:  Love To Know

Author:   Kingpinjones
Category:   Love
Keywords:  Heart

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The heart speaks for itself when placed upon its dusty shelf, swaying in its grate uncertain of its fate, a questioning weight: is she his mate? warm with affection but lost in direction. never is it false when the heart does its waltz forgetting its faults it gladly will dance. Now sing! for it is in love but here is the thing: feelings of such she may reciprocate yet in the end or by fate is she a friend or is she mate? signs point to yes but confusion tells him no so he sits on his shelf dusted in woe a weight would be lifted if he could just know. its not his meakness it's just simply a weakness unable to take on the task and simply ask, there is a fear but not for the dancer just the chance of a heart breaking answer. as read in the books full of history perhaps neither knows and thats the mystery.

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