Title:  With Words

Author:   Kingpinjones
Category:   Fun
Keywords:  Speech;

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Symphonic nuances, a gracefull crescendo, come next a slow trailing arpeggio, in beauty it lies, a grace of word a grace of tone it's herein it hides, a message a clue a feeling from you, when we speak, communicate "please extrapolate" a rhythm a beat to drive the meaning home, its there, it counts, a verbal metronome. Talk, speak, vocalize, now compose and harmonize, never out of reach its musical speech its quite pathtic but so poetic, to derive a pleasure from each measure, such an effort to go by law just drop the act and make it raw. Beautiful, subtle, rising in volume, followed by the scale in the chord, hiding in the words and notes we afford, larger words to express emotions "please explain" we use a rhythm a beat in our speech to make us understand fancy counts and spacing, timing and syllables. talk, speak, spiel, now count your sylables, space your words, never out of reach its timed poetic speech, its quite useful and very pleasing, however difficult it may be try and get better take it from me.

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