Title:  Opposites Attract

Author:   markov44
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Life, Love, and Loss

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When I was
of an earlier age,
raising hell
was all the rage

Did my share
of hard drinking,
rarely stopped
for serious thinking.

More interested
in womanizing,
not hearing
any sermonizing.

One day she
came into my life,
never imagined
she'd become my wife.

We came from
worlds far apart,
somehow, some way
I lost my heart.

There was her
proper and prim,
there was me,
living life on a whim.

We said our vows
in the month of September,
a late summer day
I'll always remember.

Very few thought
this union would last,
not much of a future,
too much of a past.

We put together
a pretty good run,
our share of heartaches,
our share of fun.

I lost her in the
autumn of our years,
goodbye to the laughter,
hello to the tears.

She fought like a lion
until the inevitable end,
farewell, my darling,
my lover, friend.

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