Title:  Moon Child

Author:   qingold2
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Isolation, Longing, Love, Differences

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I was born a child of the moon.
I was raised in the night.
The shining stars are my blankets,
and the clouds are my blinds.

Alone I walk the sky and I
gaze at the sphere of blue.
Down there shimmer a million lights;
one of them could be you.

In my sky they’re the brightest stars-
yellow in shades of blue.
Maybe when the sky clears tonight,
you will search for me, too.

Cast me a stone, ask for a sign,
tides will bring it to you.
Maybe comets will come my way,
then I’ll fall into you.

Show me the brightest thing you have-
I’ve never seen the day.
Asleep under the deepest sea-
when the first sunlight break.

Whisper to me your wildest dreams,
promise me you’ll be brave.
Take me to a sunflower field,
to the sun we will face.

Stay with me a little while,
for I have longed to see
when a dolphin and an angel
meet, could they ever be?

No one said it would be easy,
tears aren’t seen in the sea.
If I could pull tears from your eyes,
would you pull sun through me?

Maybe you’d take me on your wings,
and I’d fall from the sky.
Maybe you’d fall much too deeply,
you’d drown in my embrace.

No matter sunset or moonrise,
vast sea or boundless sky,
through our space and time, love will find
the dream of a moon child.

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