Title:  The Mission

Author:   Triker
Category:   Hope
Keywords:  war, flying

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The creaks subside as the engine labours. The props dragging the giant into the blue.
The pilot scans the sky ahead, his voice full of excitement as he speaks to the crew.
Keep those eyes peeled, enemy coast ahead, test your guns and let's not wind up dead.
Then comes the run, the flak bursting wide. Shaking and juddering one hell of a ride.
Bay doors are open and the bombs suddenly gone. Two seconds over the target, an eternity for some.
The searching beams light up the night, directing the fighters on their lethal flight.
The gunners hammer out a rythmetic drum. Sending death and destruction to all that come.
The lights go out and the drone becomes steady. Navigator plotting, the course set already.
Dark cliffs rising as if out of the shimmering sea, gear down, soon the cold will recede to a hot cup of tea.
Another trip over but more to come, will soon their lives be over, to war will they succumbe.
Some will survive but many will die, with that one question forming, that question will always be why?

Comments on "The Mission"
Posted by thepoor on February 20, 2013
i really enjoyed this!