Title:  Our Journey

Author:   C.S.
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Hope, Faith

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My expression of hope, comes only through faith
So when I walk these floors it's progression, not pace
What you see in one, is a gift given to all
Is mans greatest reflection not perfection to fall?
So in this race, distance is nothing
And to call this a race would be simply bluffing
To follow your heart you must keep it in check
So remember your morals, which are in no sect
The constant seeking to guide one another
And to share the same love; that of one's mother
I persuade you to care if only for a moment
Because in that second you can come to atone it
I set this life with no limitations
So with opportunity comes no hesitations
Remember the now, present, and gift
And to share along the way and your world will shift

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