Title:  Night

Author:   fostercare
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  dark, scary, evolving

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A dark and lonely time on earth.
When rapist and muggers are out at work.

The fear of night in us all.
Waiting the moment to give us a fright.

To all mankind night is shown.
At different times everyone knows.

And in each persons mind.
Is certainly a different kind.

In my mind,
A feeling of high hope,
Not to reach the end of my rope.
I’m just a little tired,
I hope I don’t expire.

In the night.

I will fight.

With all my might.

To stay all right.

November 18, 1977

Comments on "Night"
Posted by Heart and Soul on September 13, 2012
The title of this poem caught my eye and I just had to read it. Thanks so much that I did because I find this poem amazing. The use of lines at the end made me want to read more. It gives hope even on one of my sad days to know that you just have to try "with all my might to say all right" Such a clever phrase.