Title:  The Dark Objective

Author:   thepoor
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  the dark objective

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eatin' ed. pops
& fleetin' meds off
to the starvin' stupid
and the sittin' ducks.

with a dark objective.

buried under these oxy-opposite,
these foxy promises
in the name of your god and homicides.
to further strive
for a goal necessary to un-tendecize
the meaning of life in our eyes.

For a greater prize with a greater value,
for straighter minds with a different attitude
for faulty designs,
it's lookin' straight at YOU
and the desire to obtain it is of
great magnitude

Comments on "The Dark Objective"
Posted by eric88 on February 21, 2013
Really enjoyed reading this one, it flows so deeply.. and thank you for your compliment, it's greatly appreciated.