Title:  Angels alive

Author:   Lion
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Angelic poetry

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The shining one with power concealed, spreads out his wings in flight, strength of hundreds when revealed, a created being of light. does the bidding of Gods never-ending story, a guiding messenger tonight, clothed in brilliant shekinah glory, will always stand up for right. This angel won't look or stare, icy blue eyes never blink ,he'll reveal himself to those with despair, lift you from depth you sink, in times of anguish and dire need, supernatural! he doesn't bleed. Though all around you in cloaks of night, fallen angels in demonic flight, transpire to bring you to your knees with hateful vengeance eternal fees, their fate was sealed before the foundations of the earth were laid, very soon is judgement paid, their destiny locked in chains, without hope their sin still stains, so welcome the stranger robed in white so fair, you may be entertaining angels unaware!

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