Title:  clearwater

Author:   grunge
Category:   Love
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wait for it... wait for it... the wave of nostalgia that crashes against every pore till i'm drenched and fully submerged. alone i wait, i wait like a piece of insignificant sea glass at the desperately cold depths of the sea floor. alone i wait, i wait for perhaps today is the day the tide currents sway and bring my salvation, and maybe just maybe another piece of sea glass tumbles in my direction. till then i wait....

Comments on "clearwater"
Posted by RianPitan on October 17, 2011
Welcome to the community, Grunge! When reading this poem, I felt as though I was swaying with the current, nice effect. "sea glass" as an analogy was an interesting choice. The reader is forced to reconcile that which is made by man yet so pervasive in nature; "within it yet not of it". I wonder if the adjective "broken" could not be used to indicate the negative emotional state of being of the sea glass (or inferred individual).