Title:  a million hands

Author:   grunge
Category:   Pain
Keywords:  a million hands

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morose , morose , all my life
incessant as a stream ,
piercing through me like a knife ,
awake me from this dream
dreams seem to further vilify,
my life they seem to thwart.
a million hands would lack the strength,
to mend a broken heart.

Comments on "a million hands "
Posted by OTownPete on April 21, 2014
Personally I felt the overuse of punctuation through the flow and rhythm of this piece off.

Posted by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld on April 20, 2014
Well-crafted, powerful, and beautifully expressed!

Posted by ESharon on December 26, 2013
I just found this poem and I like it so much...apparently still a hit:)

Posted by thepoor on February 20, 2013

Posted by ShellySommers on November 29, 2012
strong with few words...:)

Posted by grunge on October 30, 2012
thank you sir, you are far too kind. God bless

Posted by jmang33 on October 29, 2012
incredible, I one day hope to get so much out in so few words haha kudos (=

Posted by grunge on October 09, 2012
it just so happens " powerful train of experience " is my middle name

Posted by ilerlily on October 09, 2012
powerful train of experience.