Title:   oh god, if it were the early 80's

Author:   alberttheman
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Angst

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don’t hear that one every day
but oh god
i would have my day of hay
at least from what i hear
i'd drink a bottle of cocacola
i’d bike to my friend’s just to say hello ta
his chain smoker mom, her daughter, his sister, poor vicky
it's tricky with vicky, she
lost her mind, had a little too much paint
but christ thats gotta be better than all of this, restraint.
i’d have friends down the street that i’d like to play with.
i’d have a drum set i’d use and not be afraid to hit.
i’d have an atari with games that lasted HOURS

hell, i’d be able to think. and what i thought wouldn't have already been thought before my initial thought was thought
man, white trash in the 80's is my dream
star wars.
oh god, the neon lovin’ second cousin 80's

i’d break my arm a thousand times while the sun would set
and the next day there would still be no internet.
yeah, no internet.
i would eat that bit right up.

translate it into words?
i feel like its all been done
this is a dream
hah! can we all go back?
to when no one knew what to do with a heart attack?
now we teach diversity and safety and we throw in hippies and the preservation of trees?
what. the. hell. happened?
maybe we should cut the crap and think, reflect for a second, huh?
what do we have left?
it’s all here
in the blink of an eye
is there any mystery in ANYTHING
and what? to return... to go back?
to metal lunchboxes. hard sidewalks. lead toys. and for christmas. socks?
you know what? i hope the world ends. i can’t help it

can we do anything to stop this? i can break the fourth wall. and the ceiling. my brain.
maybe this time. is the last time
theres absolutely no. turning back.
its all been done.
and it will be done and done again.
i want clarity for christ’s sake. CHRIST. POSSESSIVE.
happiness? are you around? floating not high off of the ground?
i want the old
i want my attention span back, you know?
what’s going on?
why am i never good enough for my self?
is myself my dad’s self?
i am beyond lost.

Comments on " oh god, if it were the early 80's"
Posted by RianPitan on March 04, 2013
Unique and very interesting poem, alberttheman. I like the way you think! You're very analytical. You pose the same question from looking at the big picture all the way down to the smallest detail. I grew up in the 80's so its interesting to compare the way it really was with your ideal view of it. Some of it was as you describe and some of it was different. I am quite sure that just as many people have always had the same ideas at nearly the same time as happens today, however with the advent of the internet, people can share these ideas instantly and so it may feel as though no one ever has an original idea anymore. This is probably an illusion and may prove that it is even less common than you think for someone to come up with a truly unique observation and implement it but this is how it has always been. This same concept makes your poem even more special and one of a kind so keep writing. I love it!