Title:  #yolo

Author:   alberttheman
Category:   Society
Keywords:  Society

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like umm under the covers with a flashlight, right?
um like this is honestly-literally-the most awkward, random, creepy, and hipster moment of my entire life.
no joke. #yolo
right. cuz he was like nooo
and i was like hah. yep
arachachachacha chang
thats what i thought.
but apparently not.
let me check my facebook.
no wait, twitter.
no wait, my instagram
no wait,
heh, what’s that? am i right? hohoho tweeter mctweetbox.
twitter twatter tweeter.

come on already
say something about the winter time
say something about leaves.
but even me
who loves to ratatatat on other peoples feminems
is one with issues
sure, there are so many things to make fun of
to stress out about
which route? are we out? theres no doubt
lets all just breath though. and eat, sleep, read and be crazy.

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