Title:  The Lasting Echo Of The Beaten Drum

Author:   alberttheman
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Life

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Hands clasp my weapons and prepare to fight,
Smell the cool-dark hickory,
There are cracks in the wood,
Now it’s time, I prepare for flight …
Begin with a groove
something funky and smooth,
start to breathe the rhythm-
let it pulse through my veins,
veins, pull the reigns
There is no need to fear,
my mind will take it all from here-
this Justifies,
my importance on earth,
I am here for a reason,
to beat the life from these skins,
That is my purpose, my fate.
Exasperate all of that unnecessary hate.
Perspiring, humidifying into the air, the hate.
To where?
To be fair, i don’t care to where.
It’s out of my hair.
So there

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