Title:  Fade away

Author:   Jdog28599
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  Free

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Fade away

One day it will all be over.
All the pain,
All the hate?
We'll all be set
No more worrying,
No more woundering,
No more thinking,
"If i wear this will they bully me?"
Its a sick world we live in,
full of hate,
Why cant we all get alone?
Why do we have to go around living in fear.
fear of people
fear of hate.
living in fear that if you do something your going to get
Why cant i say what i wanna say
date who i wanna date
marry who i wanna marry
Dress the way I wanna dress.
This world is crazy.
People being killed for what they believe
they like
how they dress
how they speak?
who they fall in "Love" with.

One day this,
this hate
will be all gone,
done with
One day we'll all be.
be FREE.
Free to do what we wanna do,
Be who we wanna be.
One day it will all be..
But for now,
as we wait
all we can do
Is hope.
Hope that tomorrow brings new light,
Brings a new way we look onto world.
That all the pain and suffering slowly,
fades away,
before we do..

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