Title:  Life is building a castle

Author:   mherrmann14
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Life Thoughts Hope

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Life is building a castle
Night and day thinking and scheming.
Night and day working towards those thoughts.
And although we see many around us, each have our own
Separate castle.
If built without thought,
It will crumble. If built with too
Much thought, it will not be built at all.
It will be tested against time, for sieges are inevitable.
It will crumble.
But amidst the debris,
You shall see all that was.
Knowing weakness is strength.
Others may aid you, but as they leave
They take along what they helped create.
Soon to crumble.
Countless examples
To manifest all that is learned.
Mental and physical agony is this castle.
But upon completion is peace of mind.

Comments on "Life is building a castle"
Posted by Just.A.Girl on February 11, 2012
A very strong similie here!! I'm not very good at coming up with similies and metaphors of my own, so I always love reading the connections of imagery and symbolism that others can so beautifully weave together!!