Title:  Satanic Blood

Author:   Macabre
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Blood, kills, horror, Hell

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Although it may seem bloody;
He shall die with only one drop of human blood,
For you will feel his black death with him...

Brothers and sisters of blood,
The invisible images of vast horror is within thoughts;
Shall hang mutilated, stale animals with the veins of Jesus Christ...

For it shall sway back and forth, dripping most unkempt stink, drop by drop falling;
Creating Satanic blood-a face for me,
I welcome the blood from Hell, may it bleed upon my blood-face eternally....

Lucifer killed is unborn child so he may be a victim of circumstance;
The wicked child lies in shallow, crowded graves,
This unholy place is where the black sacrifices are preformed, here is where he kills...

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