Title:  Dirt on the Ground

Author:   raspberry89
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Pain

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I hope to get sick

And die soon someday

My death couldn't come soon enough

I'm tired of the delay

In the agony of meantime, I am submersed

I know my soul has long been cursed

Believe what you will, it carries no worth

I’ll speak my discord regardless, and in verse...

There are no words to accurately describe

My nightmare coming alive

No soul bearing being could possibly contrive

It is a punishment that I survive

Broken is my fate

Even my shadow leaves ruin in its wake

All I touch I violate

Into pieces my core apart breaks

The remains haphazardly surround

Every clump mixed into the dirt on the ground

Only distinguishable is my heart as it pounds

And pounds...forever, as pain has no bounds

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