Title:  Offerings

Author:   TakeThisBloodForInk
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  fire wood trees mythology

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Something in the crisp breath of moonlit skies did entice me
Though I find myself here lacking any objection
I am compelled by wishes bestowed to me by celestial hearts
Whom trace enchantments before my eager eyes
Glistening ethereal glow, incite my very will, and to thee I owe
The starlight that guides my wavered hands in bewitching motions
Interweaving ghostly lights from electric fingertips
Over lackluster fields a’sway to hastened river echoes
A night to never grapple the dawn and falter, perpetual twilight
Ascending to gather from the hollowed ash by the riverside
‘Neath Luna’s vast, adoring gaze, to bring me closure
Shivered limbs fallen just below its sullen, rotted branches
Amassed to serve this untamable, burning intensity of mine
My heart fevering in a newly ignited virtue
Spectral auras set ablaze with a steady fuse
Into surging crescents of radial flame enkindled afore me
That permeate my grasp in crackling waves
And thaw through their decayed shells
Once marked, the thrice spoken mantra tending
The two gasping coals in sockets and the third exhuming its spirits
Billowing haunts climbing off into the infinite
A monetary offering to such extraordinary beings
Peering to the cries of their offspring calling
Coming of age in conflagration

Comments on "Offerings"
Posted by Macabre on March 14, 2013
Well done, once more you have ceased to amaze me with your work. I think it's extraordinary that you can write like this. So deep, thoughtful, imagery. You have a gift my friend