Title:  my mind

Author:   eric88
Category:   Life
Keywords:  sorry for the grammatical errors

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fields of disarray perceive to me

sullen minded mannered man defeats me

for why is he and who am i

a lavish luster starry sky

to my mind do i perceive thee

to my eyes do i deceive me

a mouth opened with words of thoughts

but lips pursed in a surroundings curse

for who are we but the perception

of simple beings persuaded by conception

tasseled by the ones who came before me

i tend to dwell into the pond and take whats rightfully mine

but what is mine and what is not

do i dare begin to take the wrought?

do i make the mistake, do i sow my own fate?

or do i live, do i survive. do the two collide?

for this matter i see before me,

i falter and wait for the waiting morning.

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