Title:  Luxuria

Author:   TakeThisBloodForInk
Category:   Mythology
Keywords:  7 deadly sins lust

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Delirium deals a devastating wake
So callow, pulling the airy strings at heart
Yet drawing near on flighty descent
Urging me back down the depravity days
Show me shades of the crescent moon
When the pheromones of heated blood lead me
The battered beast gnawing at his chains
Sneering, the prey sifts through the thicket
The scent caught and the chase embarks
Fly the weary streams of stars
Or fall fool to the manic dreams
Take His righteous grasp from around my throat
I refuse the chaste blade begging for flesh
No wine flow forth from His pyrite cup
A king not fit nor worthy for His crown of thorns
For I should pray the thistled noose far sooner

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Posted by Macabre on March 20, 2013
Wow...you're amazing, fabulous, just stunning...