Title:  Invidia

Author:   TakeThisBloodForInk
Category:   Mythology
Keywords:  7 deadly sins envy

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Where to the well-forgotten guides?
In shrinking times as these, they only wish no more
If all prospects cannot deceive the third eye
To rip ambitions from the thickened air
Widows weaving veils of burning Sun by the evening Moon
The letting slows as the heart palpitates
So too prominent the darkening waters
Sickly green with the virtues of common men
Tides recede and I the only left to follow
Sinking, do I lower my lips to drink once again?
Lie and cheat thirst below the emerald waves
While they, lavishly thieving the broken streets
Cry at the cost to face many other fears
Withered, the undertow pulls at the senses
Or breaks along the shore’s jagged teeth
Rogue and oppressive, I only wish to pass in time

Comments on "Invidia"
Posted by Macabre on March 21, 2013
Love the imagery shown here