Title:  really out of it

Author:   eric88
Category:   Life
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for a moment, a smoke risen time

below the bridge, across the bay

further more, open now

take heed young child for it is born

a provoking moment to which you feel most

falling down now, upon the grass

night shivers dissipate as time slowly pass

dew resides cooling all the fear and hate

makeshift lovers debate whats great

stars above or the moons breaking light

feeling dreaming, hoping grieving

a time dispelled when minds are focused

but what is the mind and what is deceiving

can truly be ruled by the passing of the fleeting?

the ruled be to me what i deem to be the trees

the life giving aerostatic mind ruling beings

the beloved dreams of well hoped means

destined minded catastrophically pre determined gleams

so to which i bow, my hereby fate

a knowing end, a growing mate

though tonight i lay, amongst the weeds

looking upward to heavenly beings

situated within the stars for i valiantly see

my thoughts, my vision, my alchemy

to death i know, physically means

but to my mind i plea.

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