Title:  Dragons

Author:   qintarra
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  Dragons

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Sometimes I lay awake till dawn, with one thing on my mind
Where have all the Dragons gone, no answer can I find

Majestic creatures tall and strong, with fire from their mouth
Scales as large as dinner plates, and wings for flying south

I know that Dragons get bad press for making people sad
But where is all the evidence, that proves they were all bad

We’ve always shown the things as foul, and not with any charm
No wonder that they got upset, and tried to cause alarm

When Dragons want a bit of fun, a maiden knew her fate
To tempt the noble gentleman, they used the maid as bait

I wonder if they’ve gone somewhere , to hide themselves away
To maybe then return one again, and soothe our fears that day

So where have all the Dragons gone, from in my heart so deep
I ask you tell me all the facts, so I can get some sleep

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