Title:  Sandy Hook

Author:   adelaurier
Category:   Children
Keywords:  Sandy Hook, Connecticut, children

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Faceless, nameless children, innocent and pure
Bright colors, crayons, playgrounds
Their imaginary worlds are sure
Teachers, mothers, fathers

Strong shields for every day
Formerly a metaphor
Now literally portrayed
Sacrificial love to save a life

Gunshots ring in little ears
Parents wait nearby with slow report
Drowning in their tears
Beauty of life destroyed before beginning

Who knows their names?
We know his.
Josephine, Ana, and James
Just a few from the list of twenty-six

All too ripe to know the cause
Those left are wrought with devastation
He didn’t even think to pause

Now we search in vain for a solution
Firearms for teachers or dismiss them altogether?
Friends of victims long for retribution
Lawless murderers reject authority

We question how to get the point across
It’s not about the guns, but about heart and head
His mind is the criminal while a gun caused the loss
Let us not blame weapons

We need to find the root
Either chemical imbalance or scarring tragedy long past
Maybe some part of life he cannot compute
Take the gun or heal the mind?

Comments on "Sandy Hook"
Posted by hbrewer333 on April 12, 2013
It's really cool that you portrayed an event like this through poetry, I like how it's done a lot!