Title:  long and lost

Author:   Aldo_666
Category:   Free Verse
Keywords:  a poem about my high school love and my acceptance

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The passion I possess, others view unorthodox
The obsession I carry, its trapped in a streaming paradox.
Life's lession build up from tragedy, I'm imprisoned with countless of locks

Since the day of your departure, melancholy fumes with great extent.
the painfull wounds harmonized as time forged ahead, your absence I had to accept.

Even though you have walk on a different life path,
I'll always recall every detail from tears too a simple laugh
The spiritual connection we construct will forever last

Comments on "long and lost"
Posted by Aldo_666 on April 09, 2013
@eric88 thanks :D

Posted by eric88 on April 09, 2013
really well written. Very powerful.