Title:  Little Girls With Bows

Author:   becagardner
Category:   Children
Keywords:  coming of age little girls bows concrete poem

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Little girls with bows like to laugh and play they dance, and prance and at first glance, happy is every day. Little girls with bows look up to older girls they spend their time and act so prime and wish fo r a woman’s pearls but little do they know how fast their ch ild hood does go as they age all they can see is how much they want to grow little girls with bows start focusing on clothes they drop toys for boys an d think it importa nt the color on her toes time
passes even more, for that not so little girl with her friends & family guiding her
you can see a spark in her twirl her high school and high hopes excite you
for her future and as she soars and as she goes, even she misses
that little girl with bows

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