Title:  Left by suicide

Author:   darkest secrets
Category:   Life
Keywords:  The escape by suicide. A life untold.

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Seventeen years
Oh seventeen year
Of pain
Just hurt inside
She think to her self
If i leave
Theyll never find me

They wont even notice im gone
Just be known as gone
Run away from it all
Get out get out
Escape this horrid life
Leave it all behind
She say thinks to herself
Just leave

Five year pass by
Now she is gone
Ran away
Never came back
A 22 year old kid
With regrets in her past
stuck like a rat on a glue trap

Twenty two years
Oh twenty two year old
Of pain
Just hurt inside
She thinks to herself
If i leave
They will never find me

She couldnt escape from the pain
Once again beat into misery
Now black and blue on her face
she is torn once again
Cant even cry anymore
Just done with it all

Two years past
As she left again
Ran away
Never went back
A 24 year old women
With pain in her past
Stuck as if she is imprisioned

She makes her final run
As she ties a knot in the rope
Stands on a box
And finally she goes
Left by suicide

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