Title:  Ode to a Boy Named Duo

Author:   ElegantButler
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Duo, past, pain, hope, death, life

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Ode to A Boy Named Duo

Toddler in the streets at night
Alone amongst the throngs
Bereft of family love, or light
Where did it all go wrong?

Little boy, how fast you've grown
But still unsafe are L2's streets
Poor and wretch 'round you moan
And dying fall around your feet

Are you to blame, you wonder
A query beyond your years
As the reaper takes him under
He speaks to stop your tears.

In memory of his kindly name
You name yourself at last
And sever ties to parents
Forgotten to the past.

A kindly man of cloth and collar
A lady fair of word and voice
When you thieve instead of holler
Give instead to you a choice

A choice, a chance, a home at last
A shelter from the wind and rain
She braids your hair to hold your past
He speaks of faith to heal your pain.

Alas! The reaper strikes again
The fire rages, life is lost
You claim his power and his name
And vow revenge at any cost

Braid of memories grown so long
You face the soldier, young and brave
And know this time it won't go wrong
You'll both be friends until the grave.

Comments on "Ode to a Boy Named Duo"
Posted by hbrewer333 on April 12, 2013
I love this, it tells a great story while being really well-written.