Title:  Worms so called God

Author:   amv79
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Worms,God ,Dylan , Mango.

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A worm so called God's Quote says:

Do you believe in the miraculous Love of a Girl to the Mother in Hand, no!
Wait she loves the Christ better now!
She Does love the God of a Girl! But Does the Girl loves the God of the Boy instead of Mama!
The Boy does love the God, and Danger is near, real for maniacs think Girl doesn't love the God of the Mother!

Lighting chimes, chains of missing Love,
so much Fun does girl has with clowns and tricksters doin' what God says; Don't be sinners Sons and Girls of Mine' Devils claw tingles anus love to thee!

Poets and painters shot pictures of the mind,
tryin to revolve their conceptual art into tube of respiratory breeze, only breathing small percentage of oxygen to die-slowly and create compassion to sell, and sell less to compassionate on thee God's quote: Don't be Greedy Artist painter rejoicing of Mine' Devils itches anus love to thee, and the Wall of the mind will collide with thy work, stop spanking like romeo and moaning like Juliet.

Gazing upon the Mind- Brain luck that Gospel traits like, is rolling up-down the hill to miss the bride and groom with bird on hand: Does wedding with Bird means no freedom of liberated choice of sex and kisses for the mind; Does kindness expresses with kisses for people wild universe expanding flashing for liberated aching lasting God's most romantic quotes to stoners and transsexuals.

Sorry and Pardon for standing there, to study the vibes of my brain, bride the colors of a renaissance that lives in my head,
laying eggs like a sorry-pardon worm; pardon for explicit eggs that expand and smell like joy and kids for moaning and rags, not thieves; only me understands this prick revolution extravaganza!

Oh! How Dylan inspires me for writhing like this: How to do! Stoned, Drunk with manifesto of words plus positions of the Bride I'll have too soon ,
Goon so less for trips and whatever clowns will laugh as I said-before, I miss the point of view of Painters and Poets God's Most romantic Quote: All of you who die in me and perish within this world as Marco is a Mango calls it o' thee A prankster, shall All, He perishes under my handkerchief!

Do you believe in the miraculous Love of Boy to the Father in Feet, no! Wait she loved the Christ better then!
She Does love the God of a Boy! But Does the Boy loves the God of the Girl instead of Father passionate words and letters!
The Girl doesn't love the God and Danger is closer than just near, real for maniacs think Girl doesn't love the God of the Mother!

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