Title:  Soul Contract 101

Author:   ElegantButler
Category:   Weird
Keywords:  demons, school, class,

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Soul Contract 101

In rows of desks the silent sit
Hands folded 'fore them 'pon the desks
Attention on horned maiden
She cleared the board to start the class.

Two in the front sat, classmate rivals
One cheek bandaged, schoolyard brawn
Smirk writ broadly 'pon the other
Who wrote a bandage 'round one horn.

"Hear me now," teacher commanded
"Your ages grow, you now must know
the subtle twists of the soul contract
And how to turn them to your will."

"Draphinius I see you're present.
Alizarine, Aricius, Zay.
Nameless One and Relegacious
Let me guess, another fight."

"You six need work on tact and tactic
Some too vulgar, some too proud
Nameless One, you're far too timid
Speak up and you'll earn a name."

"Repeat these words with clear precision
'If you wish a contract make, prepare
to turn aside from Heaven's entrance
Now and for all time to come".

Each spoke with wondrous clarity
Except demon shy and nameless
But the teacher was determined
He would someday contract make

"Tarry after class with me, youth
and I shall tutelage give thee
You'll form a contract with a man
And dine upon his soul one day."

"I've neither mom nor dad, nor sponsor
No proper name now do I bear"
The shyest demon student 'fessed
"How shall one on me call one day?"

"The one most des'prate calls to all
Who may serve them and contract make
To they the nameless and forsaken
May reach out to make the bind."

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