Title:  addicted

Author:   eric88
Category:   Life
Keywords:  ha

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lander here i fatally listen. orchestra tunic sunday mourning

though fear i presented but which sustains me

standard fear portrayed yet grasps at the heels of hopes last day

a master of perception, a doctor of time, rise the glass, frolic the mind

surely seeking and always reaping, the sowed adolescence of the minds fertile leaping

such wonder is kept in a darkened corner of the mind, a dusty foreign region of time

and yet to which a fascinating find, fear is doubted, no struggle or grind

for a darkened room, a portal a shrine, a shadowed doubt, no dark can cast.

a mask, a flask, riddled with doubt, i wander, i ponder. i direct the yonder

yet i raise the men to which are not born, the fetus, the lovers.the ones which love scorn

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