Title:  the good in me. to my love my micky

Author:   bleedingpoetry
Category:   Life
Keywords:  sad,love,good,in me,my cries

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the good in me was always you,
you are my joy my one and only you have not let go.
i can take back all the pain if i take pain to myself.
for you only try to help me survive.
then why do i cut when depressions betraying my cries.
to show love i did to you but you see it not.
i poured my heart out to my every last thought.
so to say i love you is understating it to how my emotions are like a burning fire i hide i take you under my wing you help me.
i am weak i give up depressions to much.
it is in you i mourn for your touch.
i am weak i cannot fight depression no more so let me die say goodbye but you saved me i live you did not let go if i cry will you feel all of my pain for pain is a barricade that keeps me held sane.
i feel pain it is not mine but is yours do you see me when you walk through your doors.
so i will live i will love for good in me holds dear to you for my sister my only you are thus the one that i love

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