Title:  Don't Think so, Pet Sounds!

Author:   amv79
Category:   Thoughts
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Don’t thinkso, Don’t thinkso, Don’t think so.
Hhm! Glory to women, I am not a God, regret proclaimed, I am only me, the alchemist, in skin, in flesh, in bones, few cracks and no calcium.
Still remembers the journey, human ride and no airbags. Dangerous but safe.

Life is God, and God is Love, and Love is her and, missing the mistletoe, Kiss them all, and stay alive, be their master, Or, should say. Bi...by power of the queen. A...the love of my life. I suppose she is watching me now. Oh! Wish you were here, be a friend.

It is by my beautiful swine that today a star was born! April of the Year of our lord 1895! Shivers, I am afraid today I shall have dinner contented,by tomorrow the sound of firepower shall frighten away my beautiful pet sounds from my skull.

As such delicate hands now touch me! Such whiteness of glorious harmonies, that angels envy only describe as meek but pure,pure by the heart of my wife I conceive in thy hand and, we make love for the first time Oh no,for I am being haunted, haunted by the ghosts of loneliness and past, deep past.

Such evil besets fire in hand, I must endure pain, as dragons eat bones and flesh and spit fire Through their breath! Cause only such beasts in real life poetry can actually make me feel glad of being a man, cause by the name of ghosts, fading memories and agonies nevertheless of her memory only she knows I miss the prosecution spirits, Peak my gorgeous, speak to my bride and future grave companion of my life.

I had a dream last night. No dreams can describe happiness, wont be in sleep for weeks, cause only dreams depart me from being awake and having her in sight!

I love my Pet sounds! Only treason worth crossing the dessert lands, and oceans of blackness distress, unknown threat! Fighting for Love to animals, to pet sounds, only real pain in life and love is the beast that will kill this man, only in her womb I shall endure pain, cause she is not yet born by now, she will give her first breath 100 years more to come!
I will be old by then, but not quite death, only in her sight shall I die of love, I am in love with a child....such child betrayed me, and still loves me so to let me die alone.

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Posted by eric88 on April 17, 2013
Great work!! keep it up