Title:  Alice From Dallas

Author:   Allen Paulson
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  gentle, love, spirit, dreamy

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Gentle was her ways in the hands of adversity.
This lilly of the valley took hold of the wind with her delicate texture.
Demanding a quiet graceful show of love through her tenderness.
Her name was Alice a true cowgirl from Dallas, Texas.

Pleasantly surprising was her awareness of how I felt at every moment.
Like she was an onlooker in the recesses of my mind.
Like the horse that she rode in on would trick my trigger.
And she would give me an answer before I asked the question.

Her humble demeanor exuded tranquility and peace beyond measure.
She reached for my heart in one sweep of her words.
And locked in the chisms of my mind.
I was transported and transcended to India by the inflection and tone of her cry.
Our love was universally accepted as gusts of wind and torrential rains entered the depths of our souls.
And intoxicated nocturnal sleep came to us as ether to the earth.
We rested in harmony and solliloque of consciousness and thought throughout a dreamy state of the stratosphere.

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