Title:  Don't you disappear.

Author:   supineplath
Category:   Love
Keywords:  disappear

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Don't disappear and leave me to wonder why and where,
the past couple of months have gone.
Don't disappear and leave me to sit and think about what you're doing,
each day and night, just to be able to write to you, and not see your face.
Your face after a long day of not seeing the one you love, and the distress
of the unfulfilled day.
Don't disappear without telling me you'll see me soon, and don't you tell me,
we'll see each other in 90 days. Because I'm telling you that just won't happen.
Don't disappear and telling that idea is ok with you. or tell me that it isn't and let it go unnoticed.
Because that's not ok with me. I've gotta see you every waking day. And when I don't, its not a day.
just a cluster of hours that you weren't in front of me, but I still did see you even in your absence.
So don't you disappear without letting me know how you're feeling and what I plan to do,
when every waking day doesn't start and end with you. For these days won't be days,
until I'm right back to the start, beginning with you.

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