Title:  Nothing is more true.

Author:   supineplath
Category:   Love
Keywords:  Nothing is more true

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You said you'd do anything for me,
anything at all.
I knew it was true, when we sat against the wall,
3 am in the pooring rain, you'd just woken up,
from a long sleep, and I'd had too much to drink.
I know you hate that, because you've seen it too much,
and I hate it too, because It's all I ever knew.
I always think it won't affect me, I'm a different person, not him.
You hate that but you still come, you still listened to me sitting,
saying everything like nothing mattered, everything I didn't want to say.
You didn't bring it up. You knew I told you and I trusted you.
I trust you.
You care for me beyond words and make me disintegrate at the sound of your voice.
You said you'd do anything for me,
so right now what you can do for me, is just tell me this,
tell me if its true, that I've made some kind of impact on you,
made you think of life a little more differently,
made you a little happier when nothing could happen but wrong,
made you think you could go on for another day, or that it wouldn't be so bad,
because you knew I'd be here to listen, or hear about it, and really care about it.
Just tell me if that's true or not, because nothing is more true than me feeling this for you.

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